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    Regular Sudoku puzzles use the numbers 1-9 in a 3x3 grid, 3 blocks wide by 3 blocks high.

Hexdoku(TM) uses Hexadecimal notation, or the numbers 0-9 PLUS the letters A-F in a 4x4 grid for an even greater challenge.

  Welcome to Hexdoku.com(TM).
Every day we will present a new Hexdoku puzzle. These puzzles can be downloaded and saved in Adobe(TM) .pdf format, and printed out and played. The solution is provided for you as well.
Feel free to share these with your friends, and invite them to visit us.
You may even publish them on your own web page as long as you do not change the content, and as long as you give us the credit.
How to play, in a nutshell:
  • Hexdoku(TM) uses the numbers 0 - 9 and the letters A - F.
  • You must fill in the missing numbers and letters so that each row and each column has all sixteen numbers and letters with no duplicates.
  • Further, each smaller group of the 4x4 boxes must contain all sixteen numbers and letters.


Note: for some reason the script that displays the puzzles stopped working in FireFox after I did an update. I am researching this to see what broke. It still works fine in IE.

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